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The last one titled Schrodinger's Everything is the one I'm hoping to get critique on.


Seeking Greenlights: Yes

Page Type: SCP Article

Elevator Pitch: A sign reading "what happens at the cabin stays at the cabin" that causes all events in the structure it is hung in to have no physical consequences outside of the structure. Peoples memories persist but that is all. This includes minor things like overeating to major things like murder being undone upon exit from the signs area of influence. What it doesn't erase is memory, trauma, and strange effects on time. People may have phantom pains of any injuries sustained in the area of effect as well.

Central Narrative: May include interviews with a family who bought the cabin with the sign. What starts as a relatively benign influence, "we can totally stay up all night and watch horror movies without being tired tomorrow" to finding out accidents can be undone, "That cut on my finger healed so fast" to eventually worse.

Hook/Attention-Grabber: Many people have been on family vacations to a cabin or old bed and breakfast that has a similar sign. Vacations often feel like another world. Like what happened then has no bearing on the now. What if it didn't. At least directly. That sense of otherworldly dream state is what I want to grab people attention with.

Thank you Zyn for the info. Follow up question, if I wanted to post another proposal idea in the existing thread that I made, would it be possible? like the "New Post" button screen I see on the bottom left of the thread.

How do you mention the username of a member, staff of the site, and a critter to seek his attention for his/her reply in your thread?

…you don't. Authors are expected to contact reviewers directly; wikidot doesn't have any sort of automatic notifications system. Nothing happens if you use code like ZynZyn to mention someone's name in a thread. You need to send a private message to the person you are asking for critique.

2. How to seek permission of the administrator regarding to edit the contents of the thread(not the thread title and summary) especially revising the Ideas of the thread I posted?

You don't. It sounds like you're using the wrong "edit" link. You should be looking at the "options" menu (it will give you the selection "Permanent Link", "Edit," "Delete" when properly opened) to the bottom right of the comment you are attempting to edit, NOT the edit link at the bottom of the page itself.

The image that was used in this article has been replaced with the following image, which is cc-compliant with the SCP wiki's license (CC BY-SA 3.0):

Source: Library of Congress
License: Public Domain
Title: Just before the battle. Washington D.C., July 12. Senator Joseph C. O'Mahoney, […]ing, gets a haircut and shave today in the barbershop before going on the Senate floor […] the Administration Court Bill. […] Leader Joseph T. Robinson, O'Mahoney charged responsibility for delay rests on the desk of […] from Arkansas and no place else, 7/12/37
Author: Harris & Ewing
Release year: 1937

Mm Mm Good

Staff Post - Open by Elogee FishTruckElogee FishTruck, 25 May 2020 04:59

Author, per the Draft Forum's new policy: authors who have not yet posted a successful mainsite article are now required to get their basic concept(s) greenlighted by two experienced reviewers in the Ideas Critique forum and/or IRC chatrooms before asking for draft feedback.

Please first go to the Ideas forum or the chat, give a quick summary (for the Ideas forum, please follow the instructions in the required reading thread) of the concept you want to write up (don't link the draft unless someone requests it), and reviewers can help you make sure that your core idea is something that will be successful with the community audience.

During the conceptualization stage, reviewers can also help by letting you know if something similar already exists on the site, and/or telling you if there are any cliches/pitfalls/other typical downvote reasons to be careful of with your particular idea. These issues are more effectively addressed earlier on in the writing process.

If you have already received the requisite greenlights, please note from whom and where you received them. If you would like to receive draft critique without going through the greenlighting process, please use the IRC chatrooms to request reviews.

I took a quick look at the thread. Since the narrative section is the largest, here's how I would trim it down to focus on major story beats and less on the fluff, as well as be more thrifty with language. Also, I moved some material out since it wasn't story material so much as description of the entity itself.

302 words to 210 words. I think the thing to keep in mind here is to not get too caught up in explaining how things work. Naturally, if a reviewer asks for clarification by all means provide those details. To start out though, there's no need to go into a ton of detail.

(I will say though… this seems like a combination of Fred from Series I and SCP-000. Maybe take a look at other pages tagged with "meta" to see what's been done before and make sure what you have is distinct?)

I've posted threads before especially on the Ideas Critique Forum, I have 2 questions regarding the issue, it seems simple to solve but since I'm still new here.

1. How do you mention the username of a member, staff of the site, and a critter to seek his attention for his/her reply in your thread?

2. How to seek permission of the administrator regarding to edit the contents of the thread(not the thread title and summary) especially revising the Ideas of the thread I posted?

Hey Warrior!
I see where you're going with the Characoal Painting, but there are still some missing details. You're explaining What the SCP is, How it works, even Who created it. But you're still not showing Why I should care about the SCP. You still haven't tackled the overarching message, story, or even theme of the SCP. Why should I care about your SCP? What makes it so interesting to potential readers? How does it tie into a theme of bullying and being pushed to far? Are the pieces of art connected in any way? Do they tell a story?

You do a good job with giving me details, but they're not the details I'm asking for or need to know. From the perspective of a reader, I don't want a bunch of unnecessary exposition or features about an SCP. I want a simple, yet fascinating story. Try and steer clear from giving out too many unnecessary details, as they'll lengthen your article and bore your audience. Stick to the things that are important to the SCP's story.

PM me once you've cut down on the story's details a bit and developed a more concise storyline.

First what you could of done is go to the right-bottom corner and press 'options' then press 'edit' then bam you can edit your original post.

I feel like you got the ball rolling. You got a narrative down and that's a good start, but the narrative doesn't change to your SCP that much. I don't see how adding "it was used by Anderson's Robotic's GOI to program setting" would actually indulge the reader. As I said in my original post "if you added a narrative that would make the audience feel one or more of there emotions, fear, emotional, funny, etc." This also doesn't just apply to the narrative this also applies to the base idea. You could of made it funny by making it like Scratch a child's program that controls a life, with built in programs that are questionable. SCPs aren't just anomalous objects/being there something that's supposed to entertain the reader. Also I got the feeling that you didn't read the articles that I recommended so please read them, trust me there pretty helpful.

Re: SCP Idea by Mr IlluimMr Illuim, 25 May 2020 04:45

Seeking Greenlights: Yes

Page Type: SCP Article

Genre (Optional): Maybe mystery? If someone else has a better idea please say.

Page Layout (Optional): The page begins with a congratulations to a security officer (the reader) on being accepted to work on the SCP. The article then opens up to the typical document. After a line signalling the end of the article, there is a collapsible which has the twist.

Elevator Pitch: Something unknown which when someone knows that it exists that person is compelled to find out more information about it.

Central Narrative: The foundation knows nothing about when the containment cell was built or containment procedures were written. There is a highlighted line within the procedures that says under no circumstances is the door to the cell to be opened. The security officer (reader) opens the door.

Hook/Attention-Grabber: The perspective of the reader and multiple articles. This is also a fresh take of an infohazard. Making a common feeling of curiosity anomalous.

SCP-5XXX [Infomania] by mrs124mrs124, 25 May 2020 04:41
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